Left 4 Dead 1 Left 4 Dead 2

True hunters and friends...

Gunny Steve

My dearest friend in L4D2. Thanks for always killing zombies with me and the rest of our friends, even at 5 in the morning. Thanks for letting me manage the Hooch for you - it is always my pleasure. I will make it to Arizona and have a bourbon with you, doesn't matter what you are drinking, would be honored to have any drink with you my friend. Thanks for all the great times hunting zombies and hopefully more to come! Now if you could just get ole Sherriff to crank up some Global Agenda, MW3, or any other game for that matter!

Sir Cold

Also, I would like to give a shout out to the man, Cold Rat Salad, aka Cold. I hav e traveled to Kentucky to meet him, and he is like no other. Great friend to game with (me, not so much so), funny, and a class act all the way.a

The Grand Poobah, Kruffty the Krufftinator

The greatest Canadian South American to ever live on this earth, who even has his own L4D2 tribute map, Kruffty Center (A night time version of Dark Center), runs so many bad ass servers with so many twists, you have not lived nor died until you play thru the chaos, nightmare, and adventure of his servers.

Zombie Survival 101 (Z+)

Z+ Mac, Z+ Prime, and the gang have been straight shooters since the day Expansion Maps came on the scene. Check out their cool group, forums, Facebook, etc. Keep surviving Z+ !!

L4D Mafia

ARES SERVERS DOWNLOAD A FILE TO COLOR YOUR SPECIAL INFECTED. YOU CAN TELL FILES ARE DOWNLOADING IN TO YOUR L4D2 GAME BY THE BLACK SCREEN YOU GET FOR 30 TO 60 WHEN YOU CONNECT OT THAT SERVER. Ares runs a 4 man and an 8 man modified server for all of you. His buds are super cool hunters and his servers are some of the best in our game. Head over and say hi to Ares and the mafia gang some time and you will not regret it.


kcho and his faithful following play over on kchoskrner most nites. Look for cho's server in opernserverbrowser and go meet kcho, Ryan, and the gang. kcho introduced ole Sherriff to the term hunter. Thnks cho. Always a blast hunting with you my friend. Thanks for taking Ryan off my hands lol!

Nicadeamas aka Andrew

What if you woke up one Saturday morning and a guy with his foot in his mouth and the Sherriff had posted your super effing cool map over at troll central AND it was the top download of the week? You finish the daggone map, thats what! Fire Tower Trail rocks Nic! Nic is still working on Firetower Trail and hopefully we will see the fruits of his labor very soon