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There are the 59 skins and addons we run in our personal copy of L4D2. Dr. Pepper machine, US Postal service truck, a military radio instead of the stupid old radio in the game that starts finales, green cornfields instead of dead corn, Shell Oil tankers, Wurlitzer jukebox, and so on. Every skin/addon has been renamed to start with MOD (example: MODcomputer - windows 7 - default.vpk). This way if you hate them you can find them in your addons folder and delete them. There are two addons downloads, addons.7z and addons2.7z. Contents listed below. Enjoy!


MOD_stanley_ crowbar 768 KB
MOD1911 black custom 64.0 MB
MODak47_thompson smg 16.1 MB
MODambulancereskin 1.50 MB
MODammoboxes 1.00 MB
MODarmyradio 1.66 MB
MODas50 41.8 MB
MODc-130 air force_l4d2 2.04 MB
MODcatering truck 1.33 MB
MODcmelee_guitar_stratocaster_sunburst_tortoise 10.1 MB
MODcoach body_chalmette 8.02 MB
MODcola_nuka coka 4.35 MB
MODcomputer - windows 7 - default 584 KB
MODcricketreskin v1.0 1.00 MB
MODcss galil 33.1 MB
MODdefibrillator_animated_black 13.3 MB
MODdesert recon fn p90 13.0 MB
MODdetailed_pipebomb 14.0 MB
MODepipen_adrenaline 1.33 MB
MODevil dead chainsaw 10.8 MB
MODfranchi spas-12 4.03 MB
MODgatling retexture 5.33 MB
MODgreen_beta_corn 1.33 MB
MODiron madien ellis 2.66 MB
MODjim beam 1.33 MB
MODlasersights 172 KB
MODm14 ebr v2 13.3 MB
MODm79_grenade_launcher 4.56 MB
MODmachetekukri 2.62 MB
MODmonsterenergypills 44.8 KB
MODmossberg 590 30.7 MB
MODnew hd books 30.0 MB
MODnew television 1.33 MB
MODnightstalker_magnum 2.80 MB
MODphonebook 684 KB
MODpink floyd rochelle 22.3 MB
MODpooltable 2.66 MB
MODravaged nick 10.6 MB
MODriotshield_police_l4d2 3.35 MB
MODsawed off 15.1 MB
MODSCAR-LEoTechANPEQSilencer 50.1 MB
MODshell fuel truck 427 KB
MODshell trailer 683 KB
MODsilent hill tank movie 19.2 MB
MODsnack machine 2.66 MB
MODsoda machine reskin (dr. pepper) 343 KB
MODstp stock car 12.0 MB
MODteam health counter l4d2 6.52 KB
MODturbodesertscout 15.5 MB
MODt-virus_v1.8 696 KB
MODurik game menu 17.6 MB
MODusps_truck 683 KB
MODweap_awp__g2_contender 24.0 MB
MODweap_rifsig__aug 31.3 MB
MODWeap_smgcss__mp5t 68.7 MB
MODwonderbolts fireworks 4.00 MB
MODwurlitizer 683 KB
MODzoey 101 62.8 MB


MODacog lam m249 raw 22.0 MB
MODbat_metal_l4d2 6.02 MB
MODbrowning m2 3 hd 43.3 MB
MODcrowbar_hammer 6.04 MB
MODcustom mp7 10.6 MB
MODemilifromtekken 47.0 MB
MODfrancis body_punisher_jeans_l4d2 8.02 MB
MODgreyhound_bus 683 KB
MODgun cabinet 16.1 MB
MODhd ammobox 27.2 MB
MODhd gascans 60.0 MB
MODhelicopter_1st cav_l4d2 18.2 MB
MODhkg3_mantuna 27.6 MB
MODl4d police car 3.37 MB
MODmarzuen_pumpshottie 9.68 MB
MODmelee_tonfa__steelbaton 2.87 MB
MODpolice pickup 32.2 MB
MODRE6 L4D2 Survivor Portraits 104 KB
MODre6 survivors 50.0 MB
MODrealistic_gunshop_signs 677 KB
MODsound_bat__baseball-cricket-metal-sound 575 KB
MODwe are the champions - queen - credits 58.0 MB
MODweap_autoshotgun_m4s90 12.3 MB
MODweap_sg552_scar-h_black 114 MB
MODXM8 Replacing Scar 51.2 MB

This baby changes all your icons excpet for defib and medkit - like a new game - some with animations. Check it out: CLICK HERE

Do you have any maps with a glitchy Crash Course vehicle blinking in and out of your view? This vpk fixes that on Going Ballistic, the author of Source of Infection fixed it on his map, and I fixed it inside Clamtoll: A Death Toll Remake: CLICK HERE

Addon List Blocking Message Fix: Fixes "Some installed addons do not support xxx mode" message: CLICK HERE