Left 4 Dead 1 Left 4 Dead 2

Exclusive fixed model and sound maps you cannot get anywhere else!

Fixed models and sounds for these L4D2 maps. All these maps are BROKEN at l4dmaps.com. Please delete your current maps and install these or your experience on these maps will SUCK:

All our maps are 7-zipped. Download 7-zip: CLICK HERE

*UPD 2/12/13* Crash Course Modified: CLICK HERE

*NEW 10/21/12* Dead Air Modified 6.0: CLICK HERE

*NEW 10/21/12* Drop Dead 2: CLICK HERE

*NEW 4/20/12* Army Of Darkness: CLICK HERE

(Fixed sounds and skeletons - disable when not playing)

*NEW 11/14/11* Belle Fire: CLICK HERE

(Play maps 1 and 2 with no rescue, but finale event - Or play maps 3 and 4)

*UPD 11/6/11* Resident Evil Beta 1: CLICK HERE

*UPD 7/7/12* Umbrella: CLICK HERE

*NEW 11/16/11* Void Preview Mission: CLICK HERE

(Fixed this map turning all infected neon colors in other maps)